License Plate Cuff Bracelets

Our authentic license plate cuff bracelets are your new go-to for bold, earth-conscious accessorizing

Fabricated in the US of A, each unique EarthSoul license plate bracelet is crafted from a genuine American automobile license plate.

Whether you're a car buff or just enjoy a touch of industrial bohemian style, these statement cuff bracelets lend a bold, colorful accent to any outfit. Each unisex bracelet is made from a genuine US automobile license plate: some contemporary, some vintage. Bracelets come both naturally distressed and shiny and new, but all have been salvaged and re-engineered for a completely new purpose.

EarthSoul products have been designed to connect us to a simpler, more practical way of life, without sacrificing function or style.  Bracelets come with an EarthSoul stamp brand and plate origin tag made from recycled craft beer boxes.



Our bracelets are durable - putting up with anything your car's license plate would endure - as well as lightweight. Wear them while you garden, go for a run, hit the waves or hang out by the pool. Worn alone or layered with other favorites, each unique piece is full of style. Our finishing process ensures smooth edges that hold their shape, yet can be easily formed for a perfect fit.



Rustic display stand made from salvaged materials available for orders of 3 dozen units or more.

Interested in wholesale? Please get in touch for pricing and terms.